“new ideas emerge as various individuals come together to create a mastery work”

As one’s eyes wander, the Leone’s Flussi Immobili unique composition draws the observer in, inviting them to explore the layered intricacies of the piece. The subtle crimson hue of the woman’s lips adds a touch of modernity and allure, punctuating the grayscale tones with a sense of daring and vivacity. The experience transcends beyond simple admiration, evoking an air of refinement and sophistication that resonates throughout the space.

An ingenious triptych takes center stage, a masterful fusion of art and faith. As the observer’s gaze moves across the room, the three distinct artworks reveal their true interconnectedness. Uniting elements of the ethereal – crosses, skies, and clouds – with the corporeal – human hands – the composition evokes a profound sense of spiritual communion. The viewer is invited to delve into the deeper meaning, contemplating the divine and the worldly within a single, harmonious vision.

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