K2SD Group is formed from deep passion and exploration of Visionary Space Branding through Interior, Architecture and Styling for our client, creating dialogues through mindful design approach of materials, forms, colors, patterns and textures to create a whole new experience of our Client’s Ethos into the space.

K2SD Group
K2 Habitus and Space Design  Group

K2SD flagship lounge is designed with the DNA belief of creating Brand Identity and Lifestyle, with the idea of “Gathering of People & Works” from various like-minded businesses and professionals to form and create what Kelly calls it as The K2 Lounge, and not an Office.

K2SD’s furnitures and arts collaboration with various artists can be seen thorough the Space. Contact Us if you would like a private viewing of the various showpieces of furniture, art and accessories.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
The K2 Lounge, Monday to Friday, by appointment only

Design Journey

K2SD believes in the need for mastery and specialization, creating a unique design story of your project through K2SD’s tailored design process and method.

1st Session: Understanding & Creating your Brief
2nd Session: Concept Generation through K2SD methods
3rd Session onwards: Design Development & Execution

Contact Us for projects you would like us to work with you.


K2SD believes in a new generation calling for collaboration, where multi-talented professionals come together to create a mastery work. Following Works for Collaboration:
Painting for a Private Condo
Painting for Office
Home accessories for a styling project at a Landed House

Kindly Contact Us for collaboration works.

Kelly Kawahara Cheah


Singapore Institute of Architects, Member
Board Of Architects, Licensed Architect, Member
Green Mark Manager
Universal Design Assessor
National University of Singapore,
Master in Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture, Honors

“the best experience of a design is one which evokes a sensation in you whenever you step into the space, knowing very well that it is one of its kind, which is a space branding of you”


Kelly Kawahara Cheah, founding principal of K2SD GROUP, K2 Habitus & Space Design, is a Singapore based licensed architect and designer driven by the deep passion of the finest things to stimulate an interior space. She believes that a space tells the best story of her client where there are multidimensional play of sight, scent, sense, and sound, played through material, forms, colors, patterns, and textures, to stimulate sensory experience.  As a licensed Architect and a trained Interior Professional, Kelly has managed projects combing up to half a billion dollars within 10 years of her architecture and interior practice, both knowledge of an overarching professionalism and execution, and the attention and love for design details and technicality. 

Kelly has managed and led projects encompassing Landed Houses, Residential, Commercial & Resorts. Her wide spectrum of exposures leads her to an in-depth knowledge and expertise for design, contracts and project management that crosses multiple fields and scales. 

In 2016, Kelly created 2 companies, KYX Architects, an architecture practice and KYDA Interior, an interior practice, where the portfolios include high end luxury residential, commercial and hospitality profiles that covers South East Asia Market.
In 2020, Kelly endeavor towards K2SD, a brand-new concept of Space Design, which gives birth to the name K2SD, Kelly Kawahara Space Design. Kelly believes that a design can only be complete when we re imagine Interior as Space, as Space gives the concept of infinite boundaries, giving birth to a brand-new perspective of how designing should is.

Kelly received her academic from National University of Singapore with a Master in Architecture and Singapore Polytechnic with Diploma in Interior Design. At her young age, her passion for design led her to be the recipient of multiple design awards, namely Grand Champion of RWS Kinetic Art Competition, Grand Champion of Hunter Dounglas 24Hours Brand Challenge, 2 years Consecutive Merit Awards for Nippon Paint for Interior Works, and Participation Recognition for Singapore Guinness Book of Record for a Sculpture.

In her spare time, Kelly flirts with arts, fashion, scents, and accessories, constantly sourcing out for the old and new artisan works, one that creatively pushes her works to touch on every aspect of designing works.

“I worked with Kelly very closely for my Civasan Lab at Mandarin Gallery and I must say she has managed to design my lab to the concept I want and beyond.”

Luke Yi, Initia Group, Singapore & Korea

“Kelly came highly recommended by my friend when I wanted to renovate my place and I definitely made the right decision of engaging her help. Right from the start, Kelly’s professionalism and easygoing personality warm up to me, she is attentive to my needs, understood my requirements and starting from conceptualization to finishing my place, the whole process was smooth sailing with the results I want. She has exquisite taste and was able to inject great and practical ideas into my project.

She also seeks a balance between cost and quality which I place a lot of importance into. Throughout the entire phase of the renovation, she was so assuring and responsible that I totally trusted her team to do their jobs that I need not worry nor need to visit to supervise the site! That was only made possible with the good and concise communication we constantly had with each other. I love how my place was done! Even after the renovation, Kelly is still very prompt in addressing my queries and help me whenever I need her assistance, and I totally appreciate that. Thank you Kelly for such a fuss free and wonderful experience!”

Hsu Wan, Owner, Singapore

“It was a pleasant experience with Kelly for our house at Gramercy Park Singapore. She guided us step by step and without fail, organized meeting to update design and site matters weekly via video call. She prepared all the furniture and furnishing research for us and when we arrived in SG, she patiently brought us around for the shopping, advising us on the choices which makes our selection very easy. We love our home like never before!”

Jimmy Chen, Owner, Taiwan