I worked with Kelly very closely for my Civasan Lab at Mandarin Gallery and I must say she has managed to design my lab to the concept I want and beyond.”

Luke Yi, Initia Group, Singapore & Korea

Strips of lighting are channeled across the entire shop from inside out, accentuating the curves forms and black lines. Finest details were given to the entrances of each treatment room, vanities, windows and even the TT feature to carefully express the concept yet carefully hides every tiny detail needed for the design to take place. Light Fittings were expressly selection with black lights that carries from the interior design, to the furnishing selection.

Curves, Pink, White and Black. A four words brief was imagined and transformed into a dramatic style, emerged with a fresh and bold new concept. Kelly shaped the facial lab into a feline and clinical look, one finely portrays femininity, sophistication, and futuristic expressions. One of Kelly’s favorite project, the bold and fine touches of Kelly’s style of designing can be seen thorough the falcate.

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