As the very first project K2SD took on years ago, an industrial feel brief was given as an anchor point for Kelly to explore and channel into a larger expression, an unassuming village barnyard, a Piermont of the West , and a homage to the natural touch and feel of raw, unfinish beauty.

Cloudy Waves, Raw Wooden Pallets, Wire Meshes are scenes and materials you can find of an image of a barn factory and Kelly took hold of this opportunity to channel them into this space which you can discover and feel across the batches counter, illustrated backdrop, walls, shelving and tables. These custom-made wooden pallet tables were fabricated to further anchor this native concept, blending with tiny mosaic selection of brown, pistachio and cream colors installed across the backdrop of the counter, blending the space into a rich organic vibrant texture in an otherwise raw and unfinished landscape to welcome people into a brand new world.

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