A calming abode to offer greenery and comfort in abundance, the design concept is to envelope one in nature and modernism through inside out. Very much inspired by the Client’s ethos of investing in the latest trend yet at the same time, enjoys nature and the simple things in life. K2SD vision is to merge both nature and modernism within this abode. Contemporary treatments can be seen from the floating altar, sparkling microlights to clean lines and structured silhouette. Surrounding them are the rhythmic patterns of nature treatment from green wall, to organic shaped furnitures and materials such as veneer, marbles and stone.

Taking advantage of the loft central airwell that connects all 3 levels, a gold moon chandelier from Catellani & Smith that was customised and handcrafted in 36 pieces floats within the airwell. From the green wall to the wood and mirrored surfaces, its form references that of a natural landscape: from the plants on the ground, the wood of trees to the clouds in the sky. The Catellani & Smith pendant lights in the air well appear almost like birds in the sky.

The bedroom continues the same narrative, the bedhead lends a modern touch of curve lights while the use of veneer skin fluted effects to bring forth a nature feel. The said approach carries from master bedroom to walk in wardrobe and to one bespoke side console, made of bronze mirror and carefully selected veneer gives weathered yet stout look, floats mid air with a geometrical circle stand.

The rest of the spaces are adorned with modern touches of mirror, bronze, lights and reflection, with moments of nature in wood materiality and plants continues in its timeless ambience.

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