Project: Residential

Location: Singapore

Situated in a tranquil surroundings, this bungalow represents the spirit of art, enchanted with travertine look dekton finishes. The form is crafted with properties that embodies K2SD own fabric of design, sculpted in a rhinestone vessel. 

An unmistaken entryway – testament to the power of bold form, and textured finishes. The idea of pure forms carries from exterior to interior, celebrating the alignment of mastery exterior and interior. A  masterfully designed airwell serves as the focal point towards the pool court. Encircled by expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, the airwell infuses the living spaces with an abundance of natural light, cultivating a warm and welcoming ambience.

At the core of Kasai lies its signature form – a demonstration of the exceptional skill and artistry invested in the creation of this architectural gem. The property serves as an extraordinary canvas for a life of unparalleled luxury, where every moment is a tribute to style, comfort, and prestige.

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