K2SD, an interior and architecture group focuses on space branding of luxury spaces and design has wildly recreated their idea of office as lounge onset, with a touch of finest material, patterns, forms and lights, their common used palette and strategies to create their very own space branding.

Situated in a conserved shophouse in Singapore, K2SD retained and respected all corners of the heritage, from the old spirit of terracotta flooring, to the stallion black wrought railing, to the purest slanted striped timber ceiling and the old tinted colored glasses windows.</span>

The main lounge is crafted with detailed chamfered lines of bars language. Brass and mirror plated open shelving were used for K2’s shelving for the placement of their prized momentos and material library.

The bold form ceiling design in the meeting room draws inspiration from K2SD bold yet fine design language, from layering, lights and forms, the ceiling is crafted and also molded with woven board, thus creates depths and density to the relatively compact space.


The restroom is designed with treatments of gold stream tiles, coral look sink, tying with the rest of the design language of the lounge.

Despite having a compact spaces, K2 Lounge was tailored with a vision of creating K2 branding into their very own K2 Lounge.

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