Palette, a project where we embraces curves, fluidity, and organic forms all within a muted space. This project is K2SD's first venture of bold forms that intertwines with palette of muted tones, as the client's calls for, a calming and harmonious home.
Guided by the house natural steps and difference in level and natural stone floors, we sculpt the edges and perimeters of the house's ceiling and floor and stairs into organic curves, imbuing a sense of softeness made from meandering lines. Bold form are crafted out from neutrality color palette, comprising gentle earth tones and soft neutrals, enhances the organic feel of the home, allowing the eye to flow smoothly across the design, free without distraction.
This design approaches celebrates K2SD beauty of nature's gentle curves and the graceful flow of organic forms in a more subtle hue palette, offering a subtler interpretation of organic beauty within the home.
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