Outfitted for the client’s affinity with Hermes collection, this stately home is modernised eith open floor plans, soaring ceilings, exposed kitchens, and expansive windows, Parc is an abode that provide a unique canvas for a collector's expression.
Driven to have purposeful cohesive dialogue between K2SD's bold design ethos while showcasing client's curated collection, a more subtle tone of muted limewash is introduced as the foundational palette, thus balancing strong forms with muted tone for the collections to stands aloft.

A striking statement staircase is crafted, ascends to the loft as a signature piece of design for the taste of K2SD’s delicate and artful boldness. Transitioning through the space, a seamless interplay of limewash walls, rich Kraft brown leather, and supple tanned suede envelops each and every room, creating a harmonious visual symphony throughout this abode Parc.

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