Captivated by the the idea of "Sanctury in the City", a natural and organic palette of sandstone, rattan look alike curve ceiling, white modernised arches are introduced, helming an imaginative modernised dialogue of Modern Mediterranean escape, right in the middle of the city Orchard. We wanted a retreat and and escape for our Client from their day to day hustle when they arrive home.
The walls, adorned with rough textured finish, add a touch of rustic charm to the cream-colored canvas backdrop. The beige textural stone finish and wooden elements interlace, forming a palette of understated luxury to evokes a sense of tranquility.The pivotal design lies in the voluminous curved arch ceiling stretching across the Living Hall to Study Hall, a tying force for the entire apartment. Rattan takes center stage of the ceiling+B21, weaving through furniture and lights, infusing a natural, organic allure. Curved doorway is introduced and graced every turn, fevering a harmonious dialogue throughout the entire apartment.

A family of two kids, the Client request specific kids play zone for the balcony. This urge us to rethink how a balcony can be used, and in this case, becoming an outdoor theme kid areas as a playful extension from the living hall, thematically designed and styled with colour palette that puncture playful fresh concept from the balcony to the 2 children rooms.

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