The back bone of the interior design centered around a balance of exquisite luxury and the needs and wants of the client. The entire development is set to create new benchmarks for class and style in the super-luxurious property market.

The main showcase of this unit is to feature the spaciousness while creating a grandeur impression upon entry to any rooms. This is done through a mixture of many elements like the travertine walls, creative utilisation of different pops of colour, interesting mix of textures and patterns, as well as the use of notable furniture brands and designer furnishings.

This project has been one of the most challenging yet exciting project for Kelly due to the level of intricacies in the overall conceptualisation. Every single element of the show unit has been carefully thought out to ensure it has a good blend of style that would satisfy individuals yearning for the finest things in life while keeping true to K2SD’s creative philosophy and principles.

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