Inspired by the bold stroke of Expressionism, we sought to evoke emotions and stir senses as one walks into a space. We were tasked to brighten the once dimmed carpark into a carpark gallery, introducing 4 private lobbies and concierge to this development through unconventional ways. That drives us to envision a world in a cave, the ‘world’ being the new world we create, and the ‘cave’ been the confines of the basement.
Within this ‘cave’, we want to see and infuse the essence of nature, casting scenes of clouds, stars and cosmos within it as the new ‘world’ we create. Curvature lights with varying in angles and heights, sculpted and illuminated itself as it cascades downwards like swirling clouds merging with the vertical greenery. Floating lights adorned the walls’ perimeters, creating a starry spectacle from the entrance to the inner sanctum of the car gallery. Above, the ceiling is reimagined as boundless cosmos, illuminated by lights as textural gold brass flakes paints filled up the ceiling.

The once dark space now brightened up and metamorphosed into an abstraction of nature, where floating stars, swirling clouds, golden cosmos, and vertical green boldly amalgam into the space. Like Expressionism, we want people to feel something as they step into the space, makes people stop and think about the space, as if it is an art piece, brought into life through lights, forms and colors.

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