Centered as a pro family oriented hospitality care, our inspiration for Momley Loft was drawn from the feeling of warmth, love, sooth and happiness, and with a color brief given by the client, Momley Loft theme was evolved with touches of tangerine brilliance coupled with natural wood, a strong infinity with its faraway getaway location.

The Reception, lit up with fluted panels accentuating our crafted black line trimming ceiling, a language conceived for a finest detail to the space to welcome guests for a touch of embrace.

The Lounge, set against our mother nature, the said design expression carries forward here. Colored and playful furnitures were introduced for family play date, inviting and playful for family to commune.

The Orchid and Lily Suites, a 20 room suites meant as a respite for the guest is designed with warmth and allure.

One of the most meaningful project to Kelly due to its social purpose, every single space were crafted with every ergonomics in mind.

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